Even with the summer almost coming to an end, I’m still hard at work in my internship with fine artist and MCAD adjunct faculty/former teacher Ed Charbonneau. With finishing one mural during mid-July, Ed was approached by MCAD to create a mural for our cafeteria! Now we are hard at work, on track to finish it before school begins on August 26th. In other words, less than 3 WEEKS!

With this mural, it is unlike anything Ed has done before. We are essentially creating a wallpaper out of paint. Our process begins by laying out a thin layer of plastic which we then apply layers upon layers of colors to create a final sheet of paint. Once the paint is completely dry, we will wrap it around the walls of the cafeteria of MCAD. In many ways this mural is meant to reference lots of different majors within the school, including influences from painting, sculpture, graphic design and even printmaking. More pictures will follow once it is completed!

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